Planting a tree for the Jubilee

After Pentecost Sunday worship we gathered in the garden to plant a rowan tree in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  Every child had a chance to add some soil – some with a little help from Mum!  This rowan, also known as mountain ash, has yellow berries and joins the rowan with traditional orange berries, we planted in 2019.  We then enjoyed in the church hall for a buffet lunch prepared by our members and took part in a quiz about the Queen’s life and reign.  Members were also encouraged to sponsor an olive tree through the project run by Embrace the Middle East to donate olive trees to Palestinian farmers to help preserve their right to their land and provide a source of income and sustenance.

Planting trees in the garden, encouraging wild life and supporting the planting of olive trees in Palestine are all part of St Andrew’s Eco-Church commitment. The church achieved a Silver Eco-Church Award in 2020.

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