Advent – A Gift in Waiting

Advent commences on Sunday 1 December when we celebrate waiting and preparation for the coming of Christ and to give praise and thanks to God for sending to us His Son.

Waiting is not one of the points most of us are too good at, probably when in queues, and maybe we look to take a short cut to reach our destination more quickly. Advent offers us a gift in waiting – the gift of God in Jesus Christ.

Advent has been celebrated at least since the middle of the sixth century, originally for 6 Sundays leading up to Christmas until reduced by Pope St. Gregory the Great later that century. So now we have four Sundays leading up to Christmas when we can prepare for and have the great opportunity of celebrating of the birth of Jesus.

Without Easter we would not have Christmas. Without Christmas we would not have Advent – so let’s look forward to commencing our Advent journey with the Lighting of the first Advent Candle on this coming Sunday.

David Greatorex, Synod Treasurer

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