Spring on its way!

The church fell silent again after worship on Christmas Day and has not opened since as we wind our way through Lockdown 3.  But on Saturday 6th March we will be meeting to receive donations for the Food Bank and will take the opportunity to scatter wild flower seeds in our wild garden.

Meanwhile, members have been getting out for walks, in the whole range of winter weather, snow, ice, wind, rain – and sunshine, and are beginning to see the signs of spring in the natural world.

We have had to cut back some overgrown trees which were blocking light to the neighbours.  We made sure our gardener did this before bird nesting time.  We are encouraging members to make donations to the Woodland Trust or similar charities to help them plant more trees.

Kingcups - marsh marigolds
Kingcups, also known as marsh marigolds, in Hardwick Park
Cowslips in the flower meadows at Tibshelf Ponds
A Wych Elm in a north Derbyshire field. The wych elm produces flowers in early spring and the seeds shown here in April, before the leaves.

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