General Election promises?

When we consider how to cast our vote on 12th December, do we think about the parties’ policies on climate change?  Devastating floods swept through the Midlands and South Yorkshire during November, not least in Derbyshire, brought by unprecedented rainfall bringing water pouring off the moors into rivers unable contain the flow.  It is more than time to recognise what scientists have been telling us with increasing urgency, climate change is here, now, and we are called to respond.  

The URC Trust and the Pension Fund have accepted the call from Mission Council to remove investments from fossil fuels and several Synods have taken the same decision.  The East Midlands Synod has accepted a draft environmental policy and all its churches are asked to consider it in church meetings and send their ideas to the team working on it with a view to adopting it as Synod Policy in March 2020.

Meanwhile, a General Election looms.  What are your candidates saying about climate change?  Will that affect your vote?

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