Eco-friendly products

Our friends from Holymoorside discovered an Eco-stall in the market when they stopped in Skipton on their way to a holiday in the Lake District.  “We found this amazing Eco-stall where we could refill your bottles with shampoo, washing up liquids etc.  Also on sale were eco-friendly items e.g. plastic free wipes for children and make up, bamboo toothbrushes and non-plastic deodorant. When can we have a stall like this on Chesterfield market?”

At St Andrew’s we are committed to using eco-friendly cleaning products and buying them in quantity to re-fill bottles of washing up liquid, hand soap, floor cleaning products etc. Thanks to LIz for organising this.  Some of us have made a commitment to doing this at home too.  Ecover has been producing eco-friendly cleaning products for decades, they are now becoming mainstream and are being joined other brands, such as Ecoleaf, and own-brand products produced by the major supermarkets.  After blenching at the cost of a small bottle of Ecover washing up liquid (twice that of ordinary brands) in my local Co-op, I’m definitely going to look out for  bulk supplies!


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