Recycled biscuit wrappers sent to TerraCycle

We have finally broken through the 1 kilogram barrier enabling us to comply with the rules that all shipments must be one kilogram or more, in one parcel.  It took three large cardboard boxes, all taped together, to accommodate that amount of plastic wrappers.  Very many thanks to Denise who collected the wrappers, packed them and sent them off, saving all that amount of plastic going into landfill.

Denise reports that TerraCycle are now asking for parcels to be a minimum of 3 kilos.  It would take us three years at the present rate to collect that many and we cannot ask Denise to store this mountain of wrappers in her house.  So sadly we may have to give up this recycling project.  Denise comments that TerraCycle seem to be pushing small participants out of the scheme.  They are encouraging people to set up collection points for wrappers.  So far there does not seem to be one in Chesterfield. 

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