Autumn catch up!

After we struggled through the difficult days of spring and summer, we now face autumn and winter with rising Covid cases.  Chesterfield moved into Tier 2, High Risk, today, 17th October.  Yet the seasons turn much as they always do although conditions are affected by climate change.  

There were very few people visiting the church between March and September, so not everyone will have seen the new wild flower section of the church garden in the long stretch down to the vestry window.  The grass in that section was unmown and a surprising array of flowers and grasses sprang up.  Over winter we will give it a helping hand with wild flower seeds scattered to provide an even better display and attraction for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects next year.

Shortly the bird feeders will be filled up and fat balls put out to help the birds through the winter.

The virus has demonstrated with ruthless efficiency how dangerous it is to ignore the natural world.  Every small action we can take helps but we need the world’s governments to take seriously the need to protect the natural world and address climate change.  Ravaged economies can be turned around by investment in green industries and technology.  Let us not give up on our campaigning and our prayers.

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