Worshipping during Covid-19

  1. Please ENTER the church building by the FRONT DOOR ONLY. 
  2. You do not need to wear a face mask in the church garden/car park but you must have your mask on to enter the building. Please keep your face covering on throughout the service. 
  3. You will be welcomed by a door steward – please greet the door steward quickly and move straight through to the seating area. Do not linger in the porch area and block up the entrance. 
  4. As soon as you enter the seating area please use the hand sanitiser on the side table or use your own hand sanitiser before sitting down. 
  5. Please do not shake hands with your friends – even if you have not seen them for months!   
  6. Make sure you sit in the seat/s that have been allocated to you by the door stewards. DO NOT MOVE any of the seats.  You may be asked to sit in the Balcony. 
  7. Avoid moving around the building/seating area to chat to your friends. However tempting this may be we do not want people wandering around breaking social distancing rules.
  8. A printed Order of Service will be on your chair. This will be printed and distributed several days before the service so will be safe to touch. After the service please take it home or put in the recycling bin on the way out.    
  9. There will be no singing during the service. Margaret will play the piano sometimes but this is just to listen to. 
  10. A Duty Elder will welcome the minister and announce the notices. There will be ONE Bible reader each week.  
  11. The collection plate will be placed at the back of the church to put your offering in when leaving the building. An Elder will stand close to this plate purely for security reasons. The Treasurer will count the collection at home and bank it.
  12. The service will last no more than 45 minutes. There will be no refreshments following the service.
  13. ONE TOILET will be available in the building. This is the accessible toilet on the corridor. Please make sure you use the hand sanitiser before and after using the toilet. 
  14. THE EXIT TO THE BUILDING WILL BE THE SIDE DOOR OR THE BACK DOOR. Please do not crowd into the porch or corridor area – please maintain social distancing. 
  15. If you want to chat to your friends after the service then please move away from the building – do not crowd around the doorways – and do not gather in groups of more than six.   
  16. The Duty Elder will ensure that they have your name and phone number to produce a ‘register’ for ‘track and trace’ purposes.

St Andrew’s Elders. 15th September 2020, updated 27th April 2021